7Stern Bräu The internationally distinguished brewery in the heart of Vienna

7Sternbräu brews a unique range of beer specialties since 1994 using the finest malts, best quality hops and first class Viennese spring water. The beers are wholly natural and most of the vitamins and minerals of the grains are retained.

Best brewing water quality, careful selection of raw materials, ample storage time for all 7Stern beers until the ideal maturation period and the expertise of our brewers made the 7Stern specialties very well known in no time by the Viennese beer community and beyond. True to the motto of the house: "Beer culture is celebrated here!"

Beer vending machine

All beer specialties in 0.5 liter deposit-free bottles to take away!

7 Stern Bock beers by season

7Stern Beer vending machine
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