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Opening times:
Monday - Sunday:
11:00am - 24:00pm
Kitchen operation:
11:30am to 23:00pm
+43 1 523 86 97 - office@7stern.at

7Stern BrÄu - The internationally distinguished brewery in the heart of Vienna.

7 Stern Bräu, one of only a few true breweries in Vienna, a unique range of beer specialties are brewed using the finest malts, best quality hops and Vienna’s first-class drinking water. Unlike mass-produced beers with preservatives, 7 Stern beers are wholly natural and most of the vitamins and minerals of the grains are retained.
Good quality water for brewing, careful selection of raw materials, no filtration and preservation methods, ample storage time of all 7 Stern beers until ideal maturity time and the skilled knowhow of our brewers, have made the 7 Stern specialities renowned throughout Vienna Neubau and the first of the beer community within a very short time.

“Beer culture is celebrated here!” (C. Seidl, Bierguide 2000)


7Stern - Winterrauchbock Auszeichnung 2015

7Stern Bräu TAKE AWAY

*******All varieties in a nostalgic 1Liter returnable bottles with carrying handle closure

*******5Liter Barrel

*Reservation: 5Liter Barrel
(Prager Dunkles, Chilli, India Pale Ale, BambergerRauchbier, Bockbier)

Tel.: 01 523 86 97 - office@7stern.at

*******Beer machine!!!
All 7Star beers in 0,5 Liter deposit-free bottles to take home

Email - office@7stern.at


Valid Monday - Friday from 11.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
(except official holidays))


* for groups of 15 Pax minimum Order in advance

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